A Word of Encouragement and a Special Announcement

September 23, 2021
DSJ Printing
Sketch of Excited Customers

2020 brought business challenges for us all. Many of us had to reduce onsite staff, limit in person meetings, and see deliverables fall to an all-time low. While very discouraging at times, new business opportunities abound.

Opportunities to;

  • streamline workflow.
  • use electronic communication more.
  • increase capabilities in house.
  • introduce online enhancements.

Although the challenges continue in 2021, be encouraged. Reputable relationships will grow even stronger now. Create partnerships and secure successful options so your team can deliver the quality clients deserve. Here is another blog article to help network for more opportunities. While we do not know what the immediate future holds for regular business operations. Strategic measures taken today, will position you for success tomorrow. So that you may deliver over and above their expectations.

The DSJ Team saw opportunity. With the help of our business partners, took strategic measures;

We revamped our order management system to improve workflow. Systemizing file delivery, staffing allocation, and tracking capabilities to account for production needs.

Adopted a health and safety-first mindset. We are disinfecting and using electronic communications more.

Incorporated a raised spot UV machine allowing us to enhance your artwork.  This delivers an even more eye grabbing expression of your project. Take a look at catchy Spot UV samples.

Launched this blog, our new website and online storefront! Most of our digital products are now available for you to shop DSJ Online. We will continually be adding more sustainable printing products to it. Look for future announcements to be sure you catch our newly added environmentally friendly marketing materials.

We have added DSJ Online to our traditional services to better serve and meet client needs.

A few key benefits worth noting that DSJ Online offers;

  • 100% Recycled Stocks
  • Same Day Turnarounds
  • Exact Quantities
  • DSJ’s Outstanding Quality Available 24/7

DSJ Online makes it easy to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! We are one of the first to offer paper with that much recycled content and exact quantity orders online. This reduces waste in a lot of cases.

We know investments in technology can save money by improving efficiencies and sustainability. We have streamlined processes providing some of the fastest turnarounds without sacrificing quality. For over 65 years DSJ Printing has provided the highest quality and service.

We invite you to browse our new website. Subscribe for updates on relevant market info, new products and specials. Use promo code MuchSuccessIn22 for 10% off any DSJ online shop order placed in September. If you don’t find the product you want online, we can still do it for you. We do almost everything print and marketing related in house.

We would love the opportunity to connect and to help your business grow. Let’s discuss your 2021-22 initiatives. As always, we are grateful for your business. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

The DSJ Team appreciates you!