The new DSJ cross-media marketing program is LIVE!


We wanted to make sure you are aware of the updates to our business and what that means for you!

We have strategically partnered with a team whose sole focus is helping our customers grow their business through cross-media marketing, website development and digital marketing. We have also spent the last 18 months integrating new technology that gives us the ability to streamline your online ordering process with us, create a cross-media marketing campaign and helps you develop a powerful web-based presence that will drive more business to YOU!

We are offering you a free in-depth marketing evaluation report!

 Discover what improvements can be made to your website today.

• Identify how easy or hard it is to find your business on Search Engines.

• See how your social presence compares to others in your industry.

Use Our Free Internet Marketing Evaluation Tool

Did you know that it takes people only a few seconds to form an opinion about your business by the way your website looks?

Enhance your businesses growth by upgrading presence online. Here are just a few of our new website design services:

Website Builder Tool & Hosting – Want to build it yourself? We offer widely used website-building tools you can try for free today! Unlike Wix and Squarespace and other website builder tools, if you build your website with our tools, you will have a real website after you are done. Don’t invest time building a new site for yourself with those other tools to just have it deleted if you ever need to cancel your service with them. If you build it on our platform, you own your website and can move it anywhere you want in the future. This also includes the ability to add e-commerce functionality!

Template-based Designs – Need pro help to get it built, but still need to do it affordably and have it come out looking amazing! Try our template-based website design service. Here you can choose a professional template design and our team takes that and will customize it with your branding, photos, and text to make it your own. We also offer a 12-month payment option to spread out the upfront cost of this service. Get it today and grow your business throughout this next year and many years to come!

Custom Website Design – Do you need a top-notch website design that perfectly represents your brand and identity? This option allows you to work with our pro design team to design a site from the ground up. Then that custom design is developed into a working, responsive website. When you need a website that is completely unique, this option is the choice for you!

With all our website services you get access to our hosting servers which are some of the fastest and most reliable servers on the market. Team that with the most widely used and powerful CMS on the planet, WordPress, and you come away with a website that can be future-proof and widely supported.

Whether you own the company, run it or work for it, this will help. No strings attached! It uses public info, nothing personal. Just enter your first name, email and company name below and get 100% free feedback to your inbox.