Marketing Campaigns

Reaching Your Target Audience

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 42% of people prefer to respond to direct mail online. Other studies show that personalized URLs (aka PURLS) can boost response rates 2-5 times more than regular direct mail alone.

With a well designed optichannel marketing campaign, you can connect with your existing customers, your target market, and desired vertical markets through prefered media channels. You will see a significant increase in response rates in turn see increased revenue as well.




Many marketers have a difficult time measuring exactly how they are doing.


We provide analytics that help fine-tune campaigns to maximize results.


Increased engagement with your consumers to get them more actively involved which increases your brand in their mind as well as the desire to utilize your services.

Gain Loyal Customers

Loyal Customer

33 Years old

Married - 2 kids

Average Spend $150/month

Channel - Direct Mail

Gain New Customers

New Customer

41 Years old

Married - 3 kids

Average Spend $0/month

Channel - Email

Infrequent Customer

Infrequent Customer

27 Years old

Single - No kids

Average Spend $50/month

Channel - Social Media